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Copy of Anna Runion


Anna Runion is a minister for youth and social justice at Pilgrim United Church of Christ in Carlsbad, Calif. Since 2010 she has served on the boards of the North County Immigration Task Force, Justice Overcoming Boundaries and the North County LGBTQ Resource Center. Runion is passionate about facilitating growth and development for small organizations and grassroots movements. In these times, she is committed to creating sacred spaces for activists and organizations to find spiritual grounding and renewal for the work ahead. She finds great joy in helping people discover and explore their own passions and callings. As she has walked with activists and organizers, Runion has become increasingly aware of the challenge of finding appropriate and consistent space to work, meet and collaborate. Her passions and experience have led her to begin developing Co-Working for Justice, a space for small and grassroots organizations to strengthen their capacity and form creative partnerships that can deepen their commitment to intersectional justice. Co-Working for Justice will also provide the space to nurture the activist spirit — through leadership and organization training and through opportunities for spiritual grounding, renewal and growth.

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