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Copy of Mariah Hayden


Mariah Hayden is an outside-the-box curator, lover of dissonance and energetic minister who enjoys helping people connect their gifts and interests with the needs of others. She is also an urban farmer, United Methodist ordained minister, and advocate for food justice. Hayden runs UpCycle Farm on Cleveland’s west side where she raises chickens, keeps bees, and grows a wide range of produce for sale to the surrounding community. Prior to moving to Cleveland, she served urban churches in Denver focusing on serving those at the margins of society. Her 2018 proposal to the East Ohio Conference is to begin new community-based opportunities using the farm as a basis for Christian faith formation and advocacy for food justice. The grit of the urban core and the beautiful chaos of farm life meet to offer opportunities to build community, reclaim vacant land, and inspire a sustainable life. As an urban minister, her focus stays on relationships with the marginalized and the ways that poverty, race, health, and opportunities intersect with the food systems we create.

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